A Sign of Hope for Responsible Media Political Coverage

Thanks to the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer for a real show of being “fair and balanced.” A week ago the paper published an op-ed column by Georgia 3rd Congressional District Representative Lynn Westmoreland attacking the Obama administration’s health care reform package that passed in Congress.  As a well-financed incumbent with a huge campaign war chest, he has a great financial and name recognition advantage over his Democratic opponent Frank Saunders. 

This week, the paper ran Saunders’ reply to the Westmoreland attack.  It was located in just about the same space on the Sunday editorial page, and was about the same length as the Westmoreland column that ran the week before.  

The Westmoreland attack criticized the Obama administration’s healthcare reform package as being too expensive and socialistic, and called for a market-based approach to health care reform.  Saunders replied that the attack was an example of Westmoreland’s war on the middle-class and working poor,  and his “free market” plan relies on the insurance industry to fix the problem. He said “if any of the players need to be taken to task regarding health care cost, it is the insurance industry.”

If all media would really make an effort to donate space and airtime to  candidates so that the best candidates,, not just the richest candidates, could be heard, in my view, the country would be a lot better off.  Plutocratic control of the government is causing a lot of economic pain for too many Americans.  Average folks simply have to regain control of their government.  

 Fair treatment and adequate space and airtime can make a big difference in making democracy work for all Americans. It may be too much hope that this is not an isolated incident and we’ll see more coverage of this nature not just by the Ledger-Enquirer, but all media.  Recent history does not give us reason to reason to believe this will happen, but we can hope.

2 Responses to “A Sign of Hope for Responsible Media Political Coverage”

  1. Joann Locascio Says:

    Great thoughts, Dick! We can only hope! I wish Mr. Saunders all the best as he runs against this Republican Rubber Stamp incumbent! I don’t think he’s had an original thought since he’s been in Congress! Run Mr. Saunders! Run like your legs are on fire! Best wishes to you! I hope you’re doing well Dick!

  2. Myra Josefsberg Says:

    I look forward to more balanced coverage by our local media. It is a hopeful sign! Frank Saunders provides a welcome alternative to our incumbent and I support his candidacy. Keep up the good work, Dick.

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