Happy 5th of July

Since I promised to try to post  something each Monday, I’m having to knock this off to get it in just under the wire since the day is almost over.  I spent the 4th of July weekend visiting with some new friends and touring the Young Harris – Hiawassee area of north Georgia.   I just got back this afternoon and frankly I’m  too tired ( driving up to north Georgia and having a lot of fun can use up a lot of energy) to do anything ambitious like giving you my impressions and showing some pictures I took while there, but I’ll start working on it tomorrow.  I will tell you this.  I attended the Ray Stevens concert. It was a hoot. He is amazing. More, coming up.


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One Response to “Happy 5th of July”

  1. Ken C Says:

    Did not know Ray Stevens was still doing concerts. Wow.

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