“Creative Loafing” Comes Out for Oxendine

With the Georgia primary elections only 8 days away,  I’ll be doing some more blogs to help you make up your mind on who to vote for.  Let’s start with why you should vote for John Oxendine in the Republican Primary for governor.  Just click on this link to get all of the reasons that Scott Henry wants Oxendine to win.

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3 Responses to ““Creative Loafing” Comes Out for Oxendine”

  1. Richard Says:

    Creative Loafing endorsing Republicans?! Isn’t that a bit like that tabloid recommending people attend fundamentalist Baptist churches?

  2. Richard2 Says:

    Oxendine is not the best choice for Georgia governor. Hopefully Handel or Deal can pull ahead of him.

    However, anything would be better than Roy Barnes. We’ve already been down that road, and it wasn’t particularly great.

  3. JL Says:

    Jeff Chapman is the best candidate for the Governor of Georgia.
    He is a solid candidate, with no excess baggage like all the rest, and he carries himself above reproach.
    He is leader for truth, and is an “Elected Official” not a “Politician.”
    Jeff Chapman is the only cnadidate running that can TRULY turn things round in Georgia.

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