A Grateful War Widow Endorses DuBose Porter for Governor

 Mrs.  Nancy Rodman’s husband died after he had been called up as a reservist. She said he died of cancer and diabetes caused by being exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. His death left a void for their daughter Amanda when she got married, a void that DuBose Porter filled.

DuBose Porter, Mary Jane Galer, and Nancy Rodman

Mrs. Rodman,  says she endorses Rep. DuBose Porter, who is running in the Democratic Primary for  governor of Georgia, because, “He is more than just a politician. He is a man who cares about people. He is a man who keeps his word. He kept his word to us.”

  Amanda was going to Georgia Tech when she decided she wanted to intern for a state representative or senator. Her mother, Mrs. Rodman, asked her neighbor, Senator Seth Harp, if Amanda could intern for him. He said she was so smart and talented that she should work for someone with better contacts at the time, and took her to meet then House Speaker Pro Tem DuBose Porter. He was greatly impressed and made her his intern. Amanda was impressed with his integrity, competency, intelligence, and compassionate personality, and they became good friends. 

Later, when she was on the verge of getting married, she broke down in tears when she told him about it, because she had no father to give her away. DuBose told her not to worry, that he would do all the things that a father would do for her at the wedding. Mrs. Rodman said, “He told her he could not replace her father, but he could do for her what a father would do. He kept his word. And at the wedding reception, he danced the first dance with her and the second dance with me.” He was going to give Amanda away at the wedding, she said, but her son Chris, Amanda‘s younger brother, wanted to do it, but DuBose and his family were there.” 

Amanda is a lawyer now, having gotten her law degree at Mercer University. She married a lawyer and both of them are big Porter supporters, sponsoring a fund-raiser  for him in Macon, where they live. 

“He will make a wonderful governor. He is more than just a politician. He is humane. He is compassionate. He keeps his word. He has integrity. He is accessible. He cares about people.,” Nancy Rodman tells us. She was one of a number of people who announced they were for DuBose, including Rep. Debbie Buckner, former Rep. Mary Jane Galer, former Rep. Jed Harris, attorney and environmentalist Ken Henson, and Muscogee Democratic Party Chair Jeanne Dugas. 

Former Rep. Jed Harris, Former Rep. Mary Jane Galer, Rep. Debbie Buckner, Gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter at a news conference held on the Riverwalk by the Chattahoochee River at Columbus, Georgia

Inman and Asa Porter, DuBose and Carol Porter's twin sons. They accompany their father as he campaigns around Georgia. Both are students at the University of Georgia, and both are Eagle Scouts. Their two older brothers, Stephen and Guyton, accompany their mother as she campaigns for Lt. Gov. They are also Georgia Bulldogs and Eagle Scouts.

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