Carol Porter Says Georgia Legislature Needs New Leadeship

Carol Porter says leadership is the key to Georgia’s problem and moving the state forward, and that the state needs new leadership because the Republicans who have been in control of state government have failed. Carol, who is wife to House Minority Leader DuBose Porter, who is running for governor in Tuesday’s Democratic Primary, is running in the primary for Lieutenant Governor.Polls show that she should win the nomination and will be facing Republican incumbent Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in the November General Election. After leaving Columbus she flew to Albany, and from there will fly to Savannah and Augusta.

Carol Porter and her son Guyton arriving at Columbus Metropolitan Airport


She is flying around the state today for airport rallies and news conferences. Columbus was the first stop. She told enthusiastic supporters that education is the key to Georgia’s future and that Republicans in the Georgia legislature have opted to slash funds for schools and teachers so they can campaign on making government smaller. She said Democrats in the House offered a bill to find funds to prevent teacher furloughs and increase class sizes, but Republicans shot it down. She said the state’s future is at stake. Businesses go to states where education of the workforce is effective.

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