At their State Convention, Georgia Democrats Call for Ending Republican Misrule

Georgia Democrats demonstrate with music and rhythmic clapping for Democratic candidates running for state and federal offices. I took this picture at the party's State Convention in Athens.

Just check out your auto’s gear shift and that will tell you the difference in what Democrats and Republicans do for Georgia.  “D” stands for Democrats and it stands for driving forward and “R” stands for Republicans and moving in reverse.  That was one of the comparisons made at the Democratic Party of Georgia State Convention in Athens yesterday.  

It was also where former Governor Roy Barnes accepted the party’s nomination for Governor of Georgia. Barnes told the delegates that the billions of dollars in cuts to the Georgia education system is “the greatest moral retreat that’s ever been seen in our history. That other team wants to do away with the public school system. They want to take a voucher and give it to their kids, and they don’t care about ours.”

The only newspaper report on the convention that I have found online so far is an article in the Athens Banner-Herald. You can check it out by going to this link.  I will have a more on the convention later.  I was there.

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