More on the Georgia Democratic Party Convention

I promised a little more on the Georgia Democratic Party State Convention, so here are a few shots that I took at the convention in Athens Saturday. I was there as a delegate.

This is my cousin Carol Porter, who is running for Lt. Governor.  She got everyone at the convention’s attention when she said that the Georgia House got rid of Speaker Glenn Richardson after an ethic’s scandal, and now it’s time to “go over to the Senate and get rid of the corrupt lieutenant governor that’s there now.”

There was a lot of cheering, music, rhythmic  clapping and sign waving when former Governor Roy Barnes accepted the nomination to run for governor.  He said that opponent Nathan Deal is  “part of the team that brought Georgia to where we are right now. The team that gave tax breaks to the special interests. His team that laid off our teachers and shortened the school year.”

And Michael Thurmond, who is running for the U.S. Senate,  got smiles as well as cheers when he said “the political odds are stacked firmly against me,” but added, “You know and I know that through faith and hard work all things are possible.

“I’ve got the heart and the soul and the spirit of the sharecropper,” he said.  He said his daddy was a sharecropper, and his daddy’s daddy was a sharecropper, and that he was a sharecropper, too, but that he is “a sharecropper with a law degree.”

He told about how he rode on the back of his father’s vegetable truck when they sold vegetables. He said his father told him that if he applied himself and worked hard that one day he would have that vegetable truck route.  He wasn’t too thrilled about that prospect, but he said when he ran for the state legislature the first time, that vegetable truck route was in his district, and that when he went to knock on doors and ask people for support they would tell him they remembered his father who was a mighty fine man and they would gladly put one of his campaign signs in their yard.

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