Can Roy Barnes Win Back Georgia Teachers?

For former Governor Roy Barnes to be elected governor again, he is going to have to have the  support of Georgia’s public school  teachers.  You’ll probably remember that he lost those teachers and lost his reelection bid.  The teachers were enraged by his education plan that put the onus of improving student performance on their backs, and I hear that a lot of them are still mad about it. 

Former Governor Roy Barnes, Mrs. Barnes, Columbus Mayor Jim Wetherington at Barne's Columbus Airport appearance during primary campaign

But, what is their alternative?  Public education’s budget in Georgia has been slashed about 3 billion dollars by the Republican controlled legislature and Governor Perdue.  What do you think?  Can Barnes get the teacher vote?


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4 Responses to “Can Roy Barnes Win Back Georgia Teachers?”

  1. dicksworld Says:

    This comment was sent in by Barbara Rothchild

    2010/08/17 at 8:38 pm
    The Ledger-Enquirer’s reporting on the results of our run-offs was disgraceful and totally biased. The results were reported and discussed only on the Republican races, and the outcomes of the Democratic races were mentioned only near the end of the article, as if they didn’t count.


  2. dicksworld Says:

    This was sent to me via email:

    I have already heard several educators say that they never thought that they would ever be voting for Roy Barnes but they are this time. Bill

  3. dicksworld Says:

    Columbus Mayor Jim Wetherington since this comment also via email:

    Hey Dick:

    My thoughts are that Roy can win back the voters with a good aggressive campaign. He is making a special effort to win back the teachers and I believe he is doing that. It won’t necessarily be easy but I think he is making progress.

    Good to hear from you.


  4. Ray Johnson Says:

    I am not sure how things are going to be with the General Election, but I was impressed by how simple and frequent his television ads were. I was supporting DuBose Porter, who made education the main thrust of his campaign, and apparently had the endorsement of the teachers, but only got a small fraction of the vote in the primary.

    I think it would help his campaign if he were to be more specific about what his intentions would be if elected, with respect to the education issue.

    Would he be able to run an anti-corruption campaign? I was in Nashville this past weekend and had coffee with the Director of the Board of Regents, Rich Rhoda and others active in state government in Tennessee. The lead article of the Sunday Tennessean was the main topic of discussion, since it pointed toward corruption in the hiring of the Superintendent of the State Department of Education.

    We have had the same problem in Dougherty County, with the local board picking a candidate to be Superintendent who was obviously unqualified, and for whom political payback was indicated to be a factor.

    I believe the biggest issue in politics at all levels of government is corruption. Much money that could be used to carry out the mission of government ( which, incidentally is us) is being diverted.

    We should be suspicious of any candidate who cannot see this as a big issue.

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