People are Blogging Less, and That Includes Me


A Pew research report tells us that overall people are blogging a lot less now. The report says,” In 2006, 28% of teens ages 12-17 and young adults ages 18-29 were bloggers, but by 2009 the numbers had dropped to 14% of teens and 15% of young adults. During the same period, the percentage of online adults over thirty who were bloggers rose from 7% blogging in 2006 to 11% in 2009.”

This doesn’t mean teenagers are less active online. They have gone to social sites, with Facebook being the favorite. Facebook isn’t as demanding as blogging., Real blogging requires significant content, and teenagers, I read, just don’t have the life and professional experiences to offer insightful content. Besides that, it takes a lot more time and effort to write meaningful blog posts.

Studies also show that the percentage of folks 65 and older that go online is quite small,  38 percent. That compares to more than 90 percent of teenagers and young adults.

I am among bloggers who are blogging a lot less. Some weeks I only do one post, which I put online either Sunday night or Monday morning. It is not, however, because I use Facebook a lot. I am on Facebook, but I will go for days without checking it. I blog less because I have other things to do and because I don’t want the pressure of trying to post something every day. How about you, are you blogging less and is it because of Facebook?


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3 Responses to “People are Blogging Less, and That Includes Me”

  1. Suzanne Lanoue Says:

    Very true. I used to blog at least once a week, now I’m lucky if I blog once a month. I post all the time on Twitter and Facebook instead.
    You get more feedback on those sites, too, since people are there anyway…

  2. Pradeep Says:

    Hi Dick,

    Coming back to blogs after a long time… And this is the blog post I see…!!! How true…

    I think with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and other networks blogs have become one other player in the field. What’s happening is people are using each of the platforms for it’s specific characteristics. Like Twitter for short posts, and blogs for longer ones… and Facebook for more wider interaction.


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