Musical Chairs that Make a Big Difference

The Columbus State University Philharmonic Orchestra concert last Thursday was a smash hit.  It was the debut concert for the orchestra’s new leader Paul Hostetter.  Reading his credits and past professional positions makes it easy to understand why his dynamic leadership paid off with a brilliant concert. 

I was so impressed with the CSU Philharmonic Orchestra performance I had to whip out my iPhone and take this picture.

How can Columbus State University attract such high-powered  talent? Money and respect. The extra money comes from endowments called Chairs.  Hostetter is the Ethel Foley Distinguished Chair in Orchestral Conducting. That million-dollar-endowment made number 15 for the Schwob School.  And I am told there are more to come.   Add student scholarships to the roster of world-class faculty members attracted by impressive stipends and you get a good idea why Schwob is probably one of the finest music schools in the country, maybe the world.


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One Response to “Musical Chairs that Make a Big Difference”

  1. Richard Says:

    Three chairs for them! 🙂

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