Congratulations to the Rotary Club of Columbus, GA

Rotary District Governor Casey Farmer presents 100 Percent Paul Harris Fellow Club banner to Rotary Club of Columbus President Betsy Covington. On the left is Rotary Foundation Director George Flowers, and on the right is Past President Bob Jones. (Photo by Jim Cawthorne, Camera1)

The Rotary Club of Columbus reached an impressive landmark Wednesday.(Full disclosure: I am a member.) It became the largest service club in Georgia to be designated as a 100% Paul Harris Fellow Club. That means that each member is now a Paul Harris Fellow, which means each gave $1,000 to the Rotary International Foundation, which, among other accomplishments, has just about eradicated polio in the world.  Since the club has more than 300 members that means it has given more than $300,000 to the Foundation.  It’s not called a service club for nothing.

Paul Harris was the founder of the Rotary Club.  The first club was organized in Chicago in 1905; now it is all over the world, including places like the United Kingdom, France, China, and Russia.

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