Barnes Rally in Columbus is Upbeat Despite Polls


Retired Columbus state Rep. Tom Buck III greets Gov. Barnes at Columbus Tech rally as Columbus attorney Ken Henson looks on.


  I was impressed with former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes appearance at Columbus Tech this afternoon.  Given the polls that show him losing to Nathan Deal by up to ten percent (the most recent poll, one taken for WSB-TV, shows the Deal lead down to 6 percent now)  and rigors of a statewide campaign at  his age, I expected him to look haggard. He looked, to me, better than when he first started running.  That’s good for him because he just might have to continue campaigning after Tuesday. There is a distinct chance that he and Nathan Deal will end up in a runoff,  thanks to Libertarian candidate John Monds.

During his Columbus rally he again presented his plans for creating  jobs, doing the things it takes to attract more industry to Georgia by improving

Columbus state Rep. Calvin Smyre introduces Gov. Barnes at Columbus Tech rally

education, transportation, and water problems, and his ideas sounded sound and plausible to me. But it appears those issues may not determine the outcome of the election.  According the Emory University Political Science professor Merle Black  his problem lies with the fact that white Georgia voters don’t like President Obama.  Polls show that only 24 percent of white Georgia voters approve of President Obama, and that the white approval rate for Barnes is 25 percent. Black says a statewide race cannot be won without a better showing than that among white voters.  Who knows, maybe he’ll win over some of those white voters by next Tuesday.   

Democratic Party candidate for governor Roy Barnes addresses supporters at Columbus Tech rally


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