Democratic Air Force is Smaller but Faster

Democratic candidate for Governor Roy Barnes deplanes

When Republican candidates flew into Columbus this morning they had more planes.  However, the most impressive plane was the one Democratic gubernatorial candidate Roy Barnes arrived in this afternoon. Barnes came in a Cessna Citation Excel jet.  Carol Porter, who is running for Lt. Governor (disclosure: she’s my cousin),  came in a King Air,  like the ones Lt. Governor Casey Cagle, and Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss came in earlier.  

Who cares? It’s the politics I should be discussing. Right?

Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor spots me, her cousin, taking her picture as she deplanes.

 Sorry, but I just love airplanes.

While Republicans pointed with pride at their past record and promised to keep up the good work,  Barnes and Porter viewed their record with alarm and feared for Georgia’s future if they stay in the saddle, citing the damage done by lack of proper support for education, for one thing. 

Carol Porter and her four sons, all Eagle Scouts, at Columbus Airport rally

Roy Barnes being interviewed as Mayor Jim Wetherington and Columbus business leader Jim Blanchard and Mrs. Barnes look on

What was intesting about both rallies was how fit the candidates appeared.  Flying around the state in one day ,  from Atlanta to Savannah with lots of stops in between, to hold airport rallies had to be grueling, but, they really didn’t look tired to me.  They appeared to be enjoying it.  I guess people who love to be in high stakes politics get a big rush out of playing the game.

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3 Responses to “Democratic Air Force is Smaller but Faster”

  1. Richard Says:

    Can’t wait for the last-minute TV commercial tonight: “Vote Democratic. Our airplanes are better.” 🙂

  2. JR Says:

    Jim Blanchard is alienating yet another republican governor. Deal will keep a republican in the governor’s seat. Barnes ran a ugly, negative campaign and came across as an old southern hick.

  3. Dick Says:

    I admire Jim Blanchard for supporting his friend instead of making a Machiavellian choice. You don’t have to worry about Nathan Deal being mad about that. Plenty of Columbus money went into his campaign. And there won’t be any money in the state budget for pork, anyway. Tax collections are way down.

    Both sides ran negative ads on TV.

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