Columbus Remains a Democratic Party Majority City


If the rest of the state had gone the same way Columbus went, Democrats would have won every state-wide election.  As you know, that didn’t happen. The breakdown is typical of all Columbus city-wide elections. North Columbus goes overwhelmingly for Republicans, and South Columbus goes overwhelmingly Democratic.  But, there are enough Democrats and Independents in North Columbus to keep the city solidly in the Democratic column.

In Muscogee County, for United States Senator, Michael Thurmond got 53.69 percent to Johnny Isakson’s 44.22 percent.

For governor, former Gov.  Roy Barnes got 57.50 percent of the vote.  Former Congressman Nathan Deal,  39.53 percent.

For Lt. Gov., Carol Porter got 54.97 percent.

For Secretary of State, G. Sinkfield got 54.46 percent.

And for the rest of the state-wide races, no Democrat got less than 54 percent.

The non-partisan election for mayor fooled me. I thought Wayne Anthony would have been in the runoff because I figured he would have run up a pile of votes in North Columbus.  He didn’t run up enough. Teresa Tomlinson did well all over the city.  Now, we get to choose between her and Zeph Baker.  Just think, for the first time in history, the Mayor of Columbus will be either a white female or an African-American male.


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3 Responses to “Columbus Remains a Democratic Party Majority City”

  1. North Columbus Voter Says:

    My impression is that Wayne Anthony played the game badly from Day 1. I heard a lot of comments all over town from folks who felt it was utterly inappropriate for him to announce on the same day it was known Mayor Wetherington was confirming he’d not run for re-election. The gist was, even from those not huge Wetherington fans, that the man should have been allowed to have his day in the spotlight with heaps of praise bestowed upon him for his decades of public service.

    Perhaps Anthony felt others would decide not to run if he announced his intentions first. Unfortunately, it just made him look over-eager and petty. Especially as, in the following months, he seemed to do virtually nothing. I noticed his website was still “under construction” earlier this year, weeks after Tomlinson had announced she was a candidate.

    When Tomlinson announced, she did it with organization and skill. She had her ducks in a row, her citywide coalition built and her website well-underway. Poor Anthony just never came across as someone with the leadership abilities Tomlinson consistently demonstrated. Going negative certainly did not help him. In any case, many people indicated they’d expected better of him.

  2. Jill Joines Christensen Says:

    I didn’t see a general comment option, wordpress blogs don’t seem to have them, so I must comment on an article. I AM SO GLAD TO SEE YOU POSTING ONLINE. I should have known that such a committed news veteran would still be writing. I have subscribed to your blog and intend to read every word you write, though first I have got some catching up to do…

  3. Nadinthehowlingdemocrat Says:

    Brac residents will be coming from the secon district of Kentucky. This is a republican district. Some of those residents are here. In the near future Columbus will be a republican city.

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