John Van Doorn is New Chair of Muscogee County Democratic Party

Jeanne Dugas and John Van Doorn at Muscogee County Democratic Party meeting

   John Van Doorn is the new chair of the Muscogee County Democratic Party. He got more votes than former Chair Jeanne Dugas who ran for reelection; however,  she was elected to Van Doorn’s former position as First Vice Chair. Van Doorn is a political science professor at Troy University, the Columbus/Ft. Benning campus. Dugas is a retired Columbus State University psychology professor. Both are PhDs.
Van Doorn called for three “forward looking” changes.  He will work for “unity within the party.” He will present “a clear firendly message of inclusion to all members of the greater Muscogee County area.” He said, “We are a Big Tent party that welcomes all comers. We are not interested in reading people out of the party.” He added, “Democrats will be organizing and educating voters for the pivotal 2012 elections and beyond.”
Dugas said the Muscogee Party has gotten great results, pointing out that had the state gone the way Muscogee County did  in the last election Democrats would hold all of the statewide offices. She also pointed to the success of Teresa Tomlinson, the Democrat who won the non-partisan city-wide election for Mayor of Columbus. 
Other officers elected are Juanita Booker as 2nd Vice Chair, Barbara Jackson as Secretary, and Judy Brouillette as Treasurer.


One Response to “John Van Doorn is New Chair of Muscogee County Democratic Party”

  1. Cale Says:

    Dr. VanDoorn was an awesome professor when he was at CSU. I took one or two PoliSci electives with him and he was very loquacious, yet his variances from “the point” of the lectures were all very relevant and enjoyable. I knew of his political affiliation being a part of Young Democrats, but he maintained a very open and unbiased classroom, as a true professional would/should. I wish him the best of luck as the new Chair. Hope you and your family had a Merry Christmas and a fruitful start to 2011, Dick.

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