I or Me?


I just read a story about ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit being run out of Columbus, Ohio because some Ohio State fans didn’t like his attempt to be objective.  They didn’t want the former Ohio State football star to be objective. They wanted unabashed bias for the Buckeyes.  Maybe, though, that wasn’t the real reason.  Maybe it’s because he set a poor English grammar example for young people listening to his broadcasts. 

Just look at what he said defensively: “Nobody loves Ohio State more than me.” Did that “me” just jump right out at you?  Everyone knows that “me” is an objective pronoun, and “I” is a subjective pronoun.  Right? He should have said, “Nobody loves Ohio State more than I.”   Just add the understood words “love Ohio State” to the “I” at the end of the sentence and it makes sense. You wouldn’t say, “Me love Ohio State.” Well, maybe you would, but that’s your problem.

Anyway, the media example setters just make no effort anymore to use correct grammar.  Surely they know proper usage.  Maybe they figure that their audiences, especially sports audiences, can’t identify with some elitist, stuck-up guy who shows off by using correct pronouns.


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One Response to “I or Me?”

  1. Ken C Says:

    Another thing that is surprisingly common is the mixing up of “I” and “me” when paired with another noun, e.g. “Ohio State is so important to Dick McMichael and I”. That one drives me nuts.

    Then there’s the “lie” and “lay” issue, but I risk climbing onto my soapbox so I will lie it aside for now.

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