After the Fall

It’s Monday, so I have to live up to my promise to try to post something new.  It can’t be long and involved though because I’m suppose to be taking it easy for a few days.  You see, I fell Sunday evening and hit my head on the sidewalk which  led to an interesting experience at the Columbus Medical Center emergency room.  The CAT scan didn’t turn up anything bad, so I am back at home with a big bump on the  back of my head and instructions on what to do following a concussion.  The main instruction is that I should rest.  I suppose number two is that I shouldn’t drive for 3 days. Anyway, it was an interesting and informative Sunday night in the emergency room of today. I’ll tell you why  in a few days. Stay tuned. 

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7 Responses to “After the Fall”

  1. Jill Christensen Says:

    I wait with bated breath. Though I imagine that today I should probably be spelling it baited, and say I waited with baited breath, or I wated with bated breath.

  2. Joann Locascio Says:

    Oh wow, Dick. I’m so sorry to hear that and hope that you are feeling alright. My Mom took a fall like that about 3 months ago. I can still hear that dull thud like a watermelon and it makes me queasy. Fortunately, she was alright too.

    Take it easy and get some rest. After working in the ER for 23 years, I can just imagine what stories you have from 1 visit!
    With love,

    • dicksworld Says:

      After 23 years, I am sure you have some interesting stories to tell, probably enough to write a book about it. Do you still work in an emergency room?

      Best regards,


      • Joann Locascio Says:

        I’ve been sick and on Long Term Disability but Rob comes home every Friday, Saturday and Sunday with his stories!
        It makes me not miss it much! 🙂 I hope you’re feeling well.

      • dicksworld Says:

        I am feeling better. Thanks.

  3. Richard Says:

    Ouch! Get well soon, sir.

    • dicksworld Says:

      Thanks, Richard.

      That was quite a post from Wayne about his reaction to Kurt’s split with WTVM. He really sounded angry.

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