“Lakebottom Proper” Was Probably Funny, but Even Though I Saw it, I Wouldn’t Know

There have been some rave reviews by people I know who saw “Lake Bottom Proper,” the broad farce about a social-climbing Columbus family trying to get their daughter into upscale Brookstone School where most of the rich kids go, at the Springer Opera House.  And maybe it deserved them, but even though I saw it, I wouldn’t know how funny it was because I couldn’t understand seventy-five percent of what was said.  It wasn’t that I couldn’t hear the lines because I could,  but I couldn’t tell what the actors were saying.  I thought maybe it was just me because a lot of folks were laughing at the punch lines, but when I talked with some others who saw the play they said the same thing. They could hear what was being said but that couldn’t make out the words.  Also, another symptom that it wasn’t just my 80-year-old ears was that when Paul Peirce made his before-the-play announcement I could not only hear him, even though I was on row Q, but I understood every word he said.  I think the actors were relying too much on  their microphones and not making much of an effort to enunciate their words clearly. Yes, it is hard to sound natural when pronouncing words with clarity, but it can be done.  And it needs to be done.


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One Response to ““Lakebottom Proper” Was Probably Funny, but Even Though I Saw it, I Wouldn’t Know”

  1. George Says:

    I thought it was just me also, but I am glad to know it ws not.

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