“Midnight in Paris” Proves Hilarious, Intelligent Movies are Still being Made

Now I have even more reason to be hopeful about the return of quality movies.  First, “The King’s Speech” showed me that the movie makers can still produce well-written, directed, acted, photographed, intelligent adult films.  Then, I got even more encouraged when “Water for Elephants” hit the screen.  And now we have a truly clever, witty sophisticated comedy by Woody Allen that I’ll probably go see again.

I loved “Midnight in Paris” from the opening montage of iconic shots of Paris – I was there in 1955 when I was in the Army – to the hilarious ending of this highly entertaining time-warp comedy.  You just never know who will turn up as the protagonist is transported back by a vintage taxi to the Paris of the 1920’s, people like Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. And there are a lot of laughs when he, a flaming Hollywood liberal,  is in the present, interacting with his wealthy, conservative Republican future in-laws.  It’s a gem.


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One Response to ““Midnight in Paris” Proves Hilarious, Intelligent Movies are Still being Made”

  1. Paul Pierce Says:

    I saw it last night, Dick, and I thoroughly agree! It’s really amazing that a movie like this even exists in today’s superficial popular culture. In this film, Woody Allen assumes that his audience is educated, well-read, intellectually curious and has a multi-layered sense of humor. I’m definitely going to see it again – and in the movie theatre. I’d put this movie up there with MANHATTAN and ANNIE HALL but I really think its better and smarter.

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