Now, another blog about something the mainstream media didn’t cover at all. This is a good one!

Oliver Boone, Director of the  High School Band Directors National Association, says the organization is now a supporter of The Sound of Perfection,  the movie inspired by  my Reader’s Digest article Unforgettable Bob Barr. He told the audience at  last nights’ Bob Barr Community Band Concert and Induction Ceremony for two new members of the High School Band Directors Hall of Fame that the organization has agreed to act as a liaison for the movie project, and has already contributed financially to it.

The movie effort is now being pursued by David Yarbough of Los Angeles, who wrote the screen play.  He has lined up support by a number of major school music organisations including the National Association of Music Merchants,  and has tentative support from some major corporations. Boone said the movie will be made in Columbus.  Yarbrough visited Columbus during the first effort at producing a movie about  Barr and his national championship Jordan Vocational High Red Jacket bands. That was about  20 years ago.

The two new inductees into the NHSBD Hall of Fame are Johnny Folsom, director of what Boone calls “the prestigious Cairo High School Band of Georgia,”  and Earl Shaffer, Jr., of Chesterfield County in Virginia, who directs the Cosby High School Band.

Johnny Folsom

Folsom spent twenty-five years as a successful band director in Alabama, before moving to Cairo, where he is leading the  Syrupmaker Band to winning  a number of awards, and invitations to play at college football games and other events.  His bands over the years have played Sugar Bowl,  Notre Dame – Navy,  Troy University games and other events.   

Earl Shaffer, Jr.

 Shaffer has been a high school band director in Virginia for more than thirty years, also winning a number of awards, and being invited  to plat at Disney-World, and at University of Virginia, Virginia Military Institute, and the University of Richmond. They also played concerts on the Carnival Cruise Ship “Sensation.” 

Taken with my iPhone.

The Bob  Barr Community  Band really sounded good to me at the Friday night concert.  Being an Army band veteran myself, I really liked it when I saw some members of the Fort Benning Band playing in our community band. That was so appropriate because Fort  Benning is such an important  part of our community. The Bob Barr Community Band is now directed by retired Army band director Fred Catchings.  You have to like a band director that goes back to the percussion section and plays the cymbals for guest conductors. His directing the band is also quite appropriate since Bob Barr was still a lieutenant at Fort Benning when he first visited Jordan as director of the Fort  Benning Soldier’s Chorus for a school assembly program.  He took the job of band director after he left the Army right after World War II.

Too bad this important community event got virtually no publicity  because a lot of band music lovers would have probably been there had they known about it.  The  band and the national band directors music association deserved a much  larger audience than it got.  

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  1. Paul Pierce Says:

    I was thinking the same thing. It has been a long time since I’ve heard them play. Does the Bob Barr Band send news releases announcing its concerts, how to buy tickets, etc?

    • dicksworld Says:

      Oliver Boone told me they sent out a news release. I guess whoever got that release didn’t realize the importance of school music in our area, or in the country for that matter.. This was not just another concert. Being named to the High School Band Directors’ Hall of Fame is a significant thing to band directors around the country. A lot of people have been in those high school bands over the years, and there are a few members in the Bob Barr Community Band who did play in the band when he was the director. The band, however, is open to any community muscian, and it has folks from all over the country in it now, including some from Fort Benning. .

      • Carolyn Says:

        Just heard about the concert on 7/22/11. This was apparently not advertised enough for those wanting to attend. I am a ’59 Grad of Jordan, did not play in the band, but have tried to follow the Community Band whenever I know about an upcoming performance. Where can I get a schedule of dates and events in which they will be performing. Thanks for any info.

  2. Rebecca Baird Says:

    As per the quoted paragraph from above, “Folsom spent twenty-five years as a successful bad director in Alabama, before moving to Cairo,” I wonder if he was really a bad director or if he was a band director.

    • dicksworld Says:

      Oops! I could say I just did that to see if anyone was out there, but I won’t because it was simply a typo. Thanks for catching it..

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