Columbus Needs a New Slogan


Ask one hundred people on the street to tell you the Columbus, Georgia slogan and one might be able to tell you. The slogan, for which a public relations firm was paid tens of thousands of dollars in 2004, is “Columbus, Georgia, what progress has preserved.”

I asked a Columbus Council member – who shall go nameless because I asked the question in a private social setting – and the councilor knew the answer, but when I asked what it means, the answer was, “I don’t know.”  

 Well,  I am not sure what it means. But a friend of mine has an idea. He said it means that “if you have what you had, you had what you have.” Well, that clears it up, right.

Let’s face it, it is stated in such broad, non-specific terms, it could mean different things to different people. Not exactly desirable for a slogan to attract desirable people to our fair city.

For a new one, I came up with, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” but that didn’t seem to get any traction.

Seriously, though, how about “Home of Fort Benning”? Seems I can remember whan that was used a lot.  Maybe we could change that to “Proud home of Fort Benning.”

As someone asked in the Ledger-Enquirer Sound Off column, what happened to the “Fountain City” moniker? I remember when that went into effect, and former Ledger-Enquirer writer and editor Claison Kyle, who was on the committee that came up with it, said that even though it wasn’t exactly a fountain  city at the time, it was something Columbus could shoot for, and a lot of folks took him seriously, as fountains started (pun alert) springing up all over town, including even some service stations. Nothing wrong with “Fountain City,” except that it’s Rome, Italy, not Columbus, Geoirgia.

Maybe you have some good ideas for a new slogan. Feel fee to share them with us.

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2 Responses to “Columbus Needs a New Slogan”

  1. Bob in exile Says:

    When I lived in Columbus, somewhere in the last century… I’ve become more worldly and cosmopolitan now…it was called the city of fountains (about 1971)… I recall that a soldier from Ft. Benning threw a box of detergent into the fountain at the Baptist Church downtown and it messed the pump up so that it ceased to work. The Pastor at that time was a Reverand Hand, who complained to the Ledger that the fountain had cost 30 thousand dollars and was very irratated. A local D.J., Dick Weiss had a morning show and he made up a poem that still makes me laugh that read…

    There once was a Reverend…
    Who had the biggest fountain in the land…
    But it overflowed…
    like a broken commode…
    And it cost him thirty grand !!!

  2. Cole Krutzfield Says:

    The new slogan should be The Real Field of Dreams

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