Having Fun with Facebook: PIC QUIZ

It took me a little while to really get involved with Facebook. I thought, I have a blog  and I have email so why should I fool with Facebook?  Still, I kept hearing so much about it from people I know that I decided to give it a try.  Now, it turns  out I’m having fun with it with my PIC QUIZ.

I submit one of the photos I took over the past 56 years and ask folks to see if they can identify it.  I do this, so far, on most days, but I can’t promise every day  because sometimes I have other things to do.

My first photo dates back to when I bought my first 35mm camera.  I had just arrived in Germany in 1955 courtesy of the United States Army and decided I couldn’t pass up  the opportunity to record what I saw in Europe.  Here’s the pic and the declaration of who won.

PIC QUIZ WINNER IS SUE NELSON. She guessed that it is one of the Munich, Germany city gates. It’s the Isartor gate. The center tower was built in 1337, and the octagonal towers in the 15th century. Congratulations, Sue. ATTTAGIRL!

Yes, as you can see, there is a prize. The winner gets the  ATTAGIRL or ATTABOY AWARD,  and sometimes when it takes a bunch of people to come up with the answer, the ATTATEAM AWARD.

The second one was when I was on leave in Italy.

And the winnah is…Dixie Close Turman. She correctly identified Mt. Vesuvius and wins the ATTAGIRL AWARD for PIC QUIZ #2. Congratulations, Dixie. I took the picture on a tour of some of Italy when I was on Army leave in 1956.  

Not all of them will date back that far.  Here’s my latest one.

… and the PIC QUIZ winnah isssss…..Keith Lovett, the first person to correcltly identify the picture of a London Eye capsule.
That one was taken on a 2004 visit  to London.  I’ll have a new one soon. If you’d like to play, just come to my Facebook wall (profile) and join in.

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One Response to “Having Fun with Facebook: PIC QUIZ”

  1. Firepower Says:

    Dick, strange you should say how you had avoided facebook. I, too, did the same. I was and am more concerned that there was too much information being published about individuals; but, I’ve discovered there are privacy features that allow individuals to protect themselves.

    That being said, I ventured skeptically onto the facebook scene and discovered friends I had not thought of or heard from in many, many years. Then I was introduced to a site for combat veterans. Again, many new experiences with old friends. Once I got accustomed to that I created two pages for old friends from our old neighborhood and for old friends from my unit in Vietnam.

    I anxiously await responses each day and I equate it to longing for a letter to arrive in the mail. Everyday, somebody contributes something that makes my day. AND, you can reach them all with a single posting….kinda hard to do with email. I can’t imagine having an email address with 1700 to 1800 names.

    The only reason I can figure why more of my ‘Nam buddies aren’t on our page is they were or are like me….resistent to using new things. Heck, some of them probably don’t even know how to turn on a computer.

    Have a nice day,


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