The Putting-Country- Ahead-of-Party Issue

Jon Huntsman

Mitt Romney’s debate attack on Jon Huntsman for having been President Obama’s ambassador to China opened up a can of worms for all of the Republican candidates for the presidential nomination, except for Huntsman.

After Romney’s attack,  Huntsman drew applause when he said such attacks are the reason the nation is split right now. “This nation is divided because of attitudes like that. The American people are tired of the partisan division. They have had enough.” He went on to say that he has always put country ahead of party.

This prompted other candidates to claim they can work across the aisle, too. Newt Gingrich, for instance, pointed out how he and President Clinton worked together to reform welfare, balance the budget, and create jobs.

So now, the issue of putting country over partisan politics is out there.  That could end up to President Obama’s advantage because of Republicans in congress saying their number one goal was to make sure that Obama is a one-term president. Any member  of Congress should have as the top goal doing what is best for the country and putting defeating a sitting president above doing that could backfire.

If Huntsman does well In New Hampshire, and, as one TV pundit said today, his billionaire father decides to kick in a hundred-million dollars to his PAC, there is a chance he could win the nomination. The South Carolina polls now show Romney ahead, and that is surprising, because religion plays a big role in South Carolina politics and Romney, as you know, is a Mormon and not really their choice, but they appear to have decided that electability is paramount, and if they decide Huntsman, also a Mormon,  stands the best chance,  he could nail down the nomination.

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5 Responses to “The Putting-Country- Ahead-of-Party Issue”

  1. Firepower Says:

    I like the part of putting country ahead of partisan politics….without a doubt. I like Huntsman, but I don’t think he has any sort of chance to get nominated. For some reason, probably money in advertising, his message doesn’t appear to be getting out.

    As for partisan politics, I blame main stream media for a lot of that. There are congressmen and senators that do the right thing and do not necessarily vote the party line; however, on the big votes where media attention is going to report, they are all pretty much shown to vote the party line. Much of that can be attributed to the party side of the issue is the way the conservatives or moderates want to go.

    It’s a shame that our leaders and their decision making cannot be as it was some years ago. In Mississippi, we had a guy by the name of G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery as a congressman. He was a democrat; but, he was a democrat before Democrats in Mississippi became Republicans.

    Sonny voted for what was “right”, not to the right. The Democrats loved him because many of the things they wanted were things that he felt were “right”. The Republicans loved him for the same reason. So, during election time, the Republicans obviously weren’t going to run anyone against him and the Democrats didn’t, either. That went on for some 38 years, I think. Just so folks will know, Sonny was a veteran of WWII as an enlisted soldier and rose to the rank of brigadier general before he retired from the military. He was the author (or at least his name was on the bill) of the GI “Sonny Montgomery” Bill.

    We need more politicians like Mr. Montgomery, who satisfied the needs of the people, not some party.

  2. Pradeep Nair Says:

    I am really looking forward to the intense battle for the US presidency.

    Incidentally, the Jon Huntsman issue figured prominently in Indian media here, because one of his daughters is from India.

    Here too during elections, such issues get blown up, severely upsetting a candidates campaign.

  3. Richard Says:

    So Jon Huntsman really IS an LDS?

    I wasn’t sure after reading a New York Times headline that he stopped in N.H. so his wife could take a “caffeine break.”

  4. Firepower Says:

    I think you’ll find that most of them don’t abide by the no caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Around the church house, maybe, but that would be the extent of it, I think. Can’t swear to what I’m writing.

  5. Richard Says:

    So much for “country first.” Mr. Huntsman is endorsing Mitt Romney today.

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