PIC QUIZ on Dick’s World Again

I’ve decided to give you another sample of my PIC QUIZ that I post on Facebook. Who knows, maybe a blog reader might come up with an answer before someone on Facebook. If you know the answer, just click the “comment” button below the post and write it in.

If you can tell me what this is and from where it was taken, you’ll be the proud winner of the ATTAGIRL or ATTABOY, or if it takes more than one person to come up with the whole answer, the ATTATEAM AWARD!

If you click on the picture, a larger version will come up on your screen.


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3 Responses to “PIC QUIZ on Dick’s World Again”

  1. Rick McMichael Says:

    This the view of the intersection of St. Margaret Street and Parliament Street in London as seen from the top of the Parliament building.

  2. John Cornett Says:

    Russell County Courthouse?

    Rick you messed the whole deal up buddy. :+)

  3. Dick McMichael Says:

    And Rick wins. He wasn’t with me when I took the picture, but he was in London on a different occasion. It was very special to get on the roof of Westminster Palace, home of Parliament, becuase normally only members of Parliament are allowed to go on the roof, but a member of our group knew an aide to a member of Parliament and he got us on the roof. What a view!

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