He does not sing my kind of  music. Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Harry Connick, Jr. are my kind of pop male vocalists. I know, it’s a generational thing.  However, Phillip Phillips obviously sings his kind very well.  Watching him on American Idol has helped me better understand a style that is currently popular, and I especially enjoyed his triumphant performance of “Home.”  I must admit that the fact that he is from the Albany, Georgia area caused me to want him to win. Pure state patriotism and the fact that I have relatives living in Albany definitely played a role. However, he, from all I have heard and read, is a fine young man.

Jessica Sanchez , the young lady that he won over, definitely deserved to be in the final. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, she knows how to use it, and the American Idol judges’ comments about her musical maturity being way beyond her years are right, in my view.  I also agree  that she has a great career ahead of her.  Phillip does, too.

On the 11PM news following the Idol show, WTVM had a live report from the high school football stadium in Leesburg where, according to the reporter, thousands had gathered and went nuts when Phillip won, but showed us no video of that event. Really strange.


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