Jazz and the Fiscal Cliff

They don’t really have anything to  do with one another, but it’s Monday and that means I need a new post since I said I would try to have a new one on Mondays.  Since I can’t seem to settle on one subject, I guess I’ll do a stream of consciousness thing.

The most recent thing that impressed me was the performance of the Atlanta 17 at the Columbus Jazz Society gathering at St. Thomas Episcopal Church yesterday. Wonderful big-band jazz played by Atlanta area businessmen and professionals.  The drummer is a retired chiropractor, for instance,  The crowd, including me, loved it.  The crowd, however should have been larger. I guess the Jazz Society needs better publicity.

The other thing rising to my cognitive surface is what Congress and the president are going to do  about cutting spending and raising taxes.  Like the  guy says, “I don’t want the federal government messing with my Medicare.” I understand somebody really said that.  While we’re at it, I don’t want it messing with my Social Security, either.

I don’t want my taxes going up, either; however, I do want a few things like improved roads, bridges, rapid transit, and schools, and a balanced budget!


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2 Responses to “Jazz and the Fiscal Cliff”

  1. John Cornett Says:

    Well if you voted for Obama buddy the only way that will get done is out of your pocket, and mine.

    After pouring several trillion down the “stimulus” hole the party’s over and we’re about as broke as a left winger’s thinking apparatus.

    If you voted for Romney we can commiserate together.


  2. Ronald Says:

    Don’t have much to say about the Jazz piece, though I do occasionally like jazz. However, the economy thing does bother me. I would find it hard to believe that anyone could possibly say that it’s ok to continue to spend more than we take in.

    So, do I have the solution? Not in a million years. If the great minds cannot figure it out, I certainly don’t claim to be able to.

    That being said, it seems that everyone wants their little piece of the pie and doesn’t want anyone fooling with it. But, somebody is going to have to fool with something. To cover over a trillion dollars in debt with tax increases isn’t going to cut it. Cutting medicare and social security won’t put a dent in the problem, either. This fiscal cliff could very well take care of one year’s worth but without balancing the budget, it’ll simply occur again next year.

    Oh, by the way, where is a budget? Seems there hasn’t been one in a couple of years now.

    I would recommend that the feds do something similar to what we as plain ‘ol citizens have to continually do. When you cannot afford something, you make more money or you don’t buy whatever it is you cannot afford……..freeze ring a bell?

    We’ve done freezes in the past and have held spending down until things could get under control. But, I haven’t seen anyone recommend freezes. It won’t cure the total problem but would certainly help in the interim.

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