Greatness Right in Our Own Backyard

As I sat in Legacy Hall, a very fine state-of the-art, beautifully and creatively designed music hall at the River Center, listening to two world-class musicians, I had to reflect on what we have right here in Columbus, Georgia. 

Sergiu Schwartz is one of the finest violinists in the world. Le Soleil, Canada, calls him”one of the best violinists of his generation.”  Alexander Kobrin, the L. Rexford Whiddon Distinguished Chair in Piano, is the winner of international piano competitions including the Van Cliburn award. There was a time when the only time we got to hear such internationally acclaimed artists in person was when they came to Columbus on tour. These brilliant musicians live here. The Columbus State University Schwob School of Music added them to the school’s faculty.

The audience Sunday gave them a roaring ovation after they finished their concert of works by Beethoven, Dvorak, and Brahms. They returned the favor by playing not one, but two encores.  And just think, they are just two  of a number of great performers that call  Columbus their homes right now. 

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