Why Have Georgia Lawmakers Abandoned Public Education?

April 22, 2013

Wonder why the Georgia legislature is turning its back on the key to a prosperous future for Georgians. What can those lawmakers be thinking about when they slash funds for the public schools in the state? Do they just not give a damn any more about the futures of the state’s children? And why do we keep electing people who would  do this?

They have been cutting educational funding for years now, and will continue next year. Muscogee County School District alone is being cut by another $23 million next year.

Cuts like those have crippled school districts all over the state. The lawmakers may say they support edcuation, but they keep coming up with devastating cuts.  Looks like it’s time for voters to do a little House cleaning in Atlanta. 


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2 Responses to “Why Have Georgia Lawmakers Abandoned Public Education?”

  1. Janet Sue Gray Says:

    Because the majority of their children are enrolled in private schools and they’re hoping for eventual voucher systems to help them cover their expenses. The sad part is, if parents would return to public schools and be involved, they could have wonderful opportunities for their children AND learn how to deal with real world issues. Value systems and standards are most influenced by family. That, my friends, was so tragically displayed this past week in Boston.

    TIP: go back to public schools, give 25% of the money you would pay in tuition to the school (or PTA or an organization of your choosing IN the school.) Put 50% of that money in an invested savings account for college. THEN, spend the last 25% of that would be tuition on “family fun time!!!” (Bowling, putt-putt, a concert, a major league ball game, a visit to a museum, a hike, visit a Nat’l or state park and thousands of other ideas!!!

    • dicksworld.wordperss.com Says:

      Thanks for comment, Janet Sue. Well thought out and presented. makes a lot of sense.

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