A Music Man Will Lead The Columbus Public School Parade

“But, I’m not Harold Hill!”

David F. Lewis, MCSD Superintendent fInalist

David F. Lewis, MCSD Superintendent finalist

I let David Lewis know that  I was pleased that he is a “music man.”

To which he replied, “I am, but I’m not Harold Hill.”

Harold Hill, as you probably know, was the music con man in the modern Broadway and Hollywood  classic musical, “The Music Man.”

Lewis, who was the Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning for Polk County School District in Florida, is the  finalist for  the  job MCSD School Superintendent.  After the public hearing time lapses, the MCSD School Board is expected to hire him.

What inspired me about the pick is his music education background. Before he worked his way up as middle and high school principal, and Associate Superintendent in  Polk County, he was Director of Bands.

Being a member of the late Bob Barr’s original Jordan Vocational High School Red Jacket  Band, I am  familiar with what a music man can do for disadvantaged students.  The legendary, award-winning band director turned around a lot of lives, inspiring teenagers to not only become accomplished musicians, but become successful and useful contributors to their communities.

David Lewis appears to have the  same talents as an education administrator. School Board Chair Rob Varner said,  for instance, his school district has  had “seven consecutive years of increased graduation rates during tenure as Senior Director of High Schools and Associate Superintendent.”

And he still has a love for school music, with his district being the 2013 recipient of “Best Communties for Music Education from the National Association of Music Merchants.”

Increasing the academic scores for Title I students, those who receive federal government financial assistance, is a huge challenge for him.  We have a lot of those in Muscogee County. It appears he has had a great deal of success  in that area in Polk County.  So that is encouraging.

I told him that he came to the right place because Columbus is  a great town for  school bands, or, at least, it  was.  He said, “And it  will be again.”

I replied, “That’s great!” Indeed it is.


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One Response to “A Music Man Will Lead The Columbus Public School Parade”

  1. John Nix Says:

    Dick, I wonder if he will again allow the Columbus Community Orchestra to practice at Jordan or some other local high school. The decision to curtail those practice sessions in a public facility was beyond my understanding! –especially when the CCO contributes to the appreciation of music by students at all levels.

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