It’s Monday, so I Have to Post Something

Well, I don’t really have to.

I have a choice.

We all have the freedom to choose.

That’s what the existentialists tell us.

Are they right?

Some say no.  They made the choice to believe in determinism.  We have been conditioned from birth.  That conditioning determines how we think and act.  Since they have the freedom of choice to believe that they can.

The existentialists also think we live in an absurd world.  Observation tends to back up that premise.

They also believe that life is meaningless, that each individual must give meaning to his or her life.

Where did I learn all that?  I already knew it to some extent, but the person who made the easiest to understand is a former Baptist preacher who decided to stop preaching and learn more about philosophy.  He has become an existentialist, but he still attends a Baptist church. That’s not as far-fetched as it may sound.  Being an existentialist doesn’t necessarily mean you are an atheist.  The man credited with starting the movement, Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaarrd, said he was a Christian.

Turns out there different types of existentialists, Christian, atheists, and a few others.

Am I an existentialist?  I think I lean in that direction, but I’m not sure I buy into all of it.  After all, I have the choice to determine whether I do or not.

And I made the choice to post something today because I have stated that I will  try to post something by Monday of each week.  I made the choice to keep my word.  I did give myself an out by using the word “try.”

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