The Music is Back

And you are invited to hear it at the River Center

Dr. Scott Harris, Director of the Schwob School  of  Music

Dr. Scott Harris, Director of the Schwob School of Music

The highly talented student musicians and their first-rate teachers are in place and the wonderful music is about to begin.  The Schwob School of Music, one of the finest in the world, is getting down to cases, and we are about to be offered a slew of wonderful concerts, most of  them  free of charge, and the new Director of the school, Dr. Scott Harris, wants to  see big crowds of music lovers showing up for the concerts.

At the school’s Opening Convocation today, Dr. Harris gave the school’s students as assignment.  He wants each of them to get four students from their main campus classes to come  to at least one student concert.  He is reaching out because he is concerned that the audiences for quality music are declining.

Some of that quality music was demonstrated at the convocation when violinist Sophie Wang blew us away with an incredible virtuoso performance of Gypsy Airs by Pablo de Sarasate.  It was a brilliant performance.  Baritone Byron Mayes, guitarist Alejandro Olson, and flutist Nancy LaChapelle also gave first-rate performances.

You can read all about the school and the upcoming schedule of perfroamces at this link.


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