A New Old-fashioned Movie

The reviews aren’t wonderful, and The Ultimate Life is certainly not of Casablanca, Midnight in Paris, or Citizen Cane calibre, but I still enjoyed it. Some, who complain that they don’t make them like they use to, will find in this one, they do.

It’s about a young man whose billionaire grandfather left him with the responsibility of running his charitable foundation and his fight with relatives who try to take over. That’s actually a small part of the movie. Most of it is flashbacks of how the grandfather, a child of the depression,  gets fed up with rich kids making fun of him and declares he will show them.  He will become a billionaire. And, though the going was very tough, and he had to learn how to use the talents  of others to do it, he does. But, he also pays a big price by ignoring his wife and kids to do it.

Not all of the acting is great, some critics call it “wooden,” and some of it is, but there are also some outstanding performances. Peter Fonda, for instance, turns in a convincing cameo. It is definitely a “family movie.” I didn’t hear one four-letter word in it and there were no graphic, torrid sex scenes.. There is a violent World War II scene in it, but it’s tame compared to the usual violence in movies made now.

It passed my test, which is whether or not  I become interested enough in the main characters to care about what happens to them. Now maybe I’ll get a DVD of the 2007 prequel The Ultimate Gift. It didn’t do well at the box-office, but is still selling a lot of DVDs. 

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