The Cobb County Braves?

I haven’t seen anywhere in the news reports about the Atlanta Braves moving to Smyrna in Cobb County whether the team will still be called the Atlanta Braves. After all, the team will be moving out of  the City of  Atlanta.

WSB-TV reports that Cobb County Commission Chairman  Tim Lee released a statement Monday morning saying, “Atlanta has evolved over the years into a broader community that offers so much for so many. Cobb County is proud to be a part of the region’s continued success.” That could be considered a clue the name won’t change when the stadium opens in 2017.

How do I feel about it?  It will make it easier for my niece Janet Sue Gray and family to get to the games since they live in Smyrna, and it’ll be closer to Cumming where my son and family live, and closer to Kennesaw where my step son Ken Champion and family live, so it suits me.  


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One Response to “The Cobb County Braves?”

  1. Janet Sue Gray Says:

    Yes, stunning news for all in Atlanta. Reserving opinion based on developments. Good thing? Bad thing? So many facets to consider! There’s ALWAYS one thing you can count on…and that is CHANGE!

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