Bag Blues

With a lot of flyers suffering much greater inconveniences than I did, I suppose I should be grateful that a delayed bag is my greatest inconvenience.  The weather was cold, but clear in Richmond, Virgina Monday afternoon and it was colder but also clear in Atlanta, so I thought things should go smoothly.

The first clue that it wasn’t was when the my flight was a little late in landing.  People were getting off the plane at the time we should have been getting on.   That meant it would be a little late in taking off, which meant it would be a little late in landing in Atlanta, which meant I wouldn’t have as much time to connect with my flight to Columbus.

When we landed in Atlanta a little late, we had to sit and sit and sit waiting for our plane’s gate to become available.  “I know this is frustrating for you,”  said the Captain, “and it’s also frustrating for us.  I know some of you have connecting flights that you have to make.” Later, he came back on and asked people whose flight terminated in Atlanta or who had adequate time to make flight connects, to remain seated while those on a tight schedule deplaned.

I messaged my son Rick who lives in Cumming to let him know we had landed in Atlanta. He called me, and I told him I was getting concern about making my flight to Columbus.  After checking online, he said the Columbus was listed as being on time.  That meant my making the connection was looking doubtful, until he checked again and learn the Columbus flight would be delayed.   I have never a plane empty out as fast as that one did. Once off the plane, I walked as fast as I could to go from Concourse E to Concourse C.  Some people were actually running. With the help of the fast under- the- runways train I barely made it to the gate that was all the way at the end of Concourse C.  One positive is that I got in my two- mile daily walk. Well, it felt like two miles.

Once in the air the regional jet made the hundred mile flight to Columbus in about 20 minutes.  Then, the fun started.  I made the connecting flight, but guess what didn’t.  It has almost been 24 hours since we landed in Columbus, and I still  don’t have my bag.  I just went on-line and tracked my bag, and it appears it has arrived at Columbus Metropolitan Airport, and I should be getting it soon.  Soon, of course, is a relative term.


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