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The Move South

April 2, 2016


No doubt it’s mostly a generational thing that I only sample American Idol. A lot of the singing is way too much over the emotional top for my tastes, and much of it sounds like tortured yelling to me. However, I do sample the program, and I did watch it more when it would feature a night of standards from the Great American Songbook. That’s was when I could really tell whether which of the  kids could actually sing, and some definitely could, in my view.

The thing I noticed most when I sampled it this week is that all four of the finalist are from the South. (As you probably know, the winners are finally determined by viewer voting.) That could mean that it really doesn’t matter from which section of the country a contestant comes, and there is reason to believe that is now the case. However, it is interesting to note that the South is now the most populous section of the United States. A Google search reveals there are now more than 114-million people living in the American South.  California is the most populous state; however, Texas and Florida now come in second and third, both ahead of New York. My own state of Georgia is now 8th in population.

A check of internal  migration in the United  States shows that up until 1861, when the Civil War started,  the move was from the east coast to the west. From 1861 to 1929, when the Great depression started,  from rural areas to cities in the North and South. From 1929 to 2009 generally from the Northeast to the South and West.

No doubt there are a number of reasons for the population shifts; however, weather certainly has to be at or near the top. Northerners fleeing the cold simply could not take the long hot summers of the South. That changed with  the advent of air conditioning. So, probably the number one reason for the shift to the South is the advent of air conditioning.


Did America’s Got Talent Show the Worst Side of Human Nature by Exploiting Crying Children?

August 22, 2013

All right, I admit it.  I watch the low-brow reality shows America’s Got Talent,  American Idol, So You think You Can Dance, and Dancing with the Stars.  

I said low-brow, but not all of the material is low-brow.  For instance, the dancers on So You Think You Can Dance are, for the most part, anything but  low-brow.  Most of them are  trained  in classical and modern ballet and are impressive artists.

I have gotten to where I watch very little of American Idol. All of that yelling they call singing turns me off. However, some of the young performers demonstrate their considerable talent when they perform standards.

Also, I don’t consider expert ballroom dancing low-brow, and a lot of the dancing on Dancing with the Stars is  expert.

Some  of the acts on America’s Got Talent are classy, also.  Yes, there are sword shallowers, contortionists, magicians, and snake-handlers, but there are also impressive opera singers, symphonic-type orchestras, very talented dancers and musicians.

However, I was not at all pleased with the exploitation of young children being humiliated for the sake of money-making ratings.  Brother and sister Ruby and D’Angelo were pitted against  each other. D’Angelo and Amanda, incredibly talented ballroom dancers, won over Ruby and Jonas.  The cameras took tight closeup shots as the results were given and lingered on Ruby bursting into tears.  When asked how he felt about winning, D’Angelo said he felt terrible because his sister lost, walked over to her, hugged her and started crying himself.  Before it was over, all four of the kids were crying. All of this in front of millions of viewers. A friend of  mine said that incident represented the worst of human nature. I believe if not the  worst, certainly close  to it.  And, as one commentator wrote, “The buck stops with the parents.”   



May 24, 2012

He does not sing my kind of  music. Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, and Harry Connick, Jr. are my kind of pop male vocalists. I know, it’s a generational thing.  However, Phillip Phillips obviously sings his kind very well.  Watching him on American Idol has helped me better understand a style that is currently popular, and I especially enjoyed his triumphant performance of “Home.”  I must admit that the fact that he is from the Albany, Georgia area caused me to want him to win. Pure state patriotism and the fact that I have relatives living in Albany definitely played a role. However, he, from all I have heard and read, is a fine young man.

Jessica Sanchez , the young lady that he won over, definitely deserved to be in the final. Not only does she have a beautiful voice, she knows how to use it, and the American Idol judges’ comments about her musical maturity being way beyond her years are right, in my view.  I also agree  that she has a great career ahead of her.  Phillip does, too.

On the 11PM news following the Idol show, WTVM had a live report from the high school football stadium in Leesburg where, according to the reporter, thousands had gathered and went nuts when Phillip won, but showed us no video of that event. Really strange.

Why Crime, Crime, Crime All the Time?

January 4, 2009

  It seems like 90 percent of television drama is about crime, and, the movies concentrate intensely on the subject; local television news is totally dedicated to reporting it, and the newspaper is loaded with it also. Though, I must admit, the paper does the best job of filling us in on other truly important local non-crime news, too.

Frankly, I find a steady diet of crime entertainment depressing. Maybe I’m not alone and that’s why American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, Million-Dollar Password and such programs are attracting large audiences. They are a break from crime, crime, crime, crime.

Sure, crime is important and has to be dealt with, and our law enforcement agencies need our full support, but do we have to be inundated with it all the time? Thank goodness for the great live football coverage on the networks, also, because that, too, is a break from crime, crime, crime all the time.