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“How to Train Your Dragon” is Sensational in IMAX 3D

June 27, 2010

Theatrical release poster (Paramount Pictures)

Even if you’ve seen “How to Train Your Dragon” at a conventional theater, you’ll do yourself a favor to go see it again at the National Infantry Museum’s IMAX  Theater.  As  New York Times movie reviewer A.O Scott says, “And the real distinction of ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ — the reason it deserves to be seen in a theater with special glasses on, rather than slapped on the DVD player when the children are acting up — lies in those airborne sequences..”  Add the huge IMAX screen and those dragons really soar.

 After enjoying the IMAX experience with a fairly good-sized audience Saturday evening, I can understand why the movie got so many good reviews.  Not only is the animation art breathtaking, but, you actually start caring about the characters, including the dragon Toothless. 

 While I heartily recommend this highly entertaining animated film, I would add one note of caution.  It is extremely violent with a lot a crashing sound effects and dragons spitting blazing fire.  It might be too scary for a child under five. A friend of mine said it would be too scary for a child under ten.  I guess it depends on the child.  Of course, people like to be scared by movies. I guess it’s sort of like the thrill you get when riding a rollercoaster.  One friend told me a few years ago that when she took her small boy to see “Jurassic Park,” he got down on the floor and hid under the seat, but when she asked him, “Do you want to leave?” he said “No!”