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News Media Cheapens Itself with Massive End-of-the-world Coverage

May 21, 2011

It’s really sad the way news media moguls are cheapening their products by devoting so much air time and ink to religious crackpots.  Every time one of them does something like predicting the end of the world or burns a Koran they treat the story as though it is right up there with killing the world’s most sought terrorist Osama bin Laden,  or the  historically futile efforts to get the Israelis and Palestinians to reach an agreement to bring peace to cure that never-ending, festering, and very expensive diplomatic sore.

If peace could be achieved in Israel it appears that would help end at least one huge element in the struggle to defuse the Mideast bomb.  Some people, including many Israelis, are afraid that the uprisings of Mideasterners who are protesting authoritarian regimes and demanding democracy could be bad for Israel because the protesters could be anti-Israel.  But, is that really the case?  The best argument made for the protesters is that they simply want better lives for themselves and their families.  The want jobs that pay decent wages.  They want freedom of speech. Their movement does not seem to be religiously based. This may or may not be true, and we won’t know if it is or not until democracy does take hold in the Mideastern nations.

Now, that’s a story has a huge impact not only on us in the U.S., but on people all over the world.  To give the same sort of attention to the story of some radical fundamentalist like  Harold Camping, a retired civil engineer, who founded Family Radio Worldwide,  who predicts the exact day and time the rapture will come leading to the end of the world is truly disgusting.