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The Writing Compulsion

June 8, 2014

Why do you write?

Lummus CHapel, Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA

Lummus Chapel, Linwood Cemetery, Columbus, GA

After participating in he Chattahoochee Valley Writers, Inc. “Write-on Columbus 2014” at Linwood Cemetery,  I had to reflect on the compulsion that some people, including me,  have to write.  Why did our group spend a Saturday morning walking around the cemetery, writing about something we saw, then reading our work to each other in Lummus Chapel? That, of course, raises the question,  why anyone has a compulsion to write? 

Usually, the first answer you get from pros is the money.   I’ve been paid for a lot of what I have written, especially for radio and television news, but I don’t write just  for the money.  This blog is living proof of that.  And, I have a lot of company. Millions and millions of people write blogs for no pay.   

I think that many of us simply have a desire to communicate, to connect  with other people through our writing. Just think of the millions who do that on Facebook. There is also the impulse to entertain. Of course, many write to try to influence other people, and some do that quite well.

Well, how about you? Why do you like to write?   



The Secret to Learning How to Write

September 28, 2009
Novelist Jill McCorkle, key speaker for the Chattahoochee Valley Writers' Conference

Novelist Jill McCorkle, keynote speaker for the Chattahoochee Valley Writers' Conference

One thread ran through this years Chattahoochee Writers’ Conference which was held Saturday at Columbus Public Library.  If you want to learn to write, write.  Well, it was the thread that ran through the three workshops I attended, those conducted by retired Columbus State University professor Dr. David Johnson,  Author Tito Perdue, and Richard Hyatt, retired Ledger-Enquirer reporter and Columnist and author of eleven books. The keynote speaker, novelist Jill McCorkle, added that if you want to write, you need to read, read, read. 

Richard Hyatt, author of 11 books,  newspaper columnist, retired newspaper reporter, manage of website Richard Hyatt's Columbus

Richard Hyatt, author of 11 books, newspaper columnist, retired newspaper reporter, manager of website Richard Hyatt's Columbus

Richard Hyatt said that he ran across a section at the Columbus Public Library that had a lot of books on how to write, but the only way to really learn to do it is to do it.   The more you do it, he said, the better you get at it.

So if you want to be a writer, write.

When Will Columbus Produce Another Carson McCullers, or Nunnally Johnson, or Augusta Evans?

August 17, 2009

When you think of internationally famous authors from Columbus, Georgia, three names jump out at you:  Carson McCullers,  Augusta Evans, and Nunnally Johnson.  Who will become number four?  Maybe it will be someone who attends the upcoming Chattahoochee Valley Writers’ Conference, also known as CVWC,  which will be held at the Columbus Public Library September 24th through the 26th.  Full disclosure: I am a new member of the CVWC steering committee.   

Both Nunnally Johnson and Carson McCulllers are being remembered at the conference.  There will be a Nunnally Johnson Film Festival featuring four of his famous movies, and a mixer at the Carson McCullers Center.   Nothing is planned for remembering Augusta Evans.  That doesn’t mean she won’t be mentioned somewhere.

The writers conference features workshops for authors,  talks by sucessful authors,  and writing contests, among other things.   I’ll have more on that and a look at the impact on the world by Carson McCullers, Nunnally Johnson, and Augusta Evans right here.  Stay tuned.