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Bill Heard Chevrolet Tragedy Hits Home

September 27, 2008

  I was sorry to read in the Ledger-Enquirer that the Carl Gregory deal collapsed over the price of leasing of the Bill Heard Chevrolet lot on Manchester Expressway, which is owned by a third party.  He could have had  Carl Gregory Chevrolet up and running and put more than two hundred people back to work quickly, and was apparently anxious to do just that. 

  The tragedy of this event no doubt hits home for a lot of us with freinds and relatives who had worked at Bill Heard Chevrolet. A good friend of mine – he asked me not to use his name – who is 72 years old, learned last Friday that, after working for Bill Heard for more than 30 years, he didn’t have a job any more. He was given no severance pay.  He said that he had been offered two weeks severance if he signed an exit contract on Friday, September 19, but hesitated after being advised to wait to see if maybe the company would also give him a car. When he went back he was told the money was not available, so he left with no severance at all. He believes that no one got severance pay, unless they got it before Tuesday, September 23rd.

  So now, at 72, he is looking for a job, because he says he can’t afford to retire.  Fortunately, his spirit is still high, with both his and his wife, also my dear friend, still having a sense of humor; and he probably will land a new job soon because he does have a lot of creative talent, and he is not the type to give up.

  According to the paper’s story, other automobile dealerships are looking into buying Bill Heard Chevrolet. Let’s hope it happens soon.