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When in London

December 24, 2011


You can probably easily guess where I am standing, but can you guess who that is behind me? How do you like my Brit hat? Right after arriving in London, I went to a department store in Kensington and, deciding that I wanted to fit in, not look “different,” and bought what I considered to be an English hat. Once I went out on the street, I noticed no one was wearing a hat like mine, and most people were wearing American style baseball caps, and a lot were wearing jeans.  It appears all I needed to do to fit in was to dress “American,” because that’s the way everyone except the bobbies and guards at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle were dressing.

London was a lot of fun. The folks I met there were quite friendly. Being a really big city, I am sure there are plenty a person wouldn’t want to meet, but fortunately that was not my experience.