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The Suhr Cure

September 26, 2010

Like so many in our area, John Suhr and I were good friends for a very long time. That goes for Beverly, also.

I could go on and on about his musical and artistic talents. They were considerable.  His musical legacy goes all the way back to the early fifties when he played and sang with dance bands like the Cavaliers. He wrote and recorded some of his own songs over the years. 

I could also go on and on about his creative talents in advertising, when he had his own agency, and all of those years that he composed those high-volume color newspaper ads for Bill Heard Chevrolet.

But I won’t.

Instead, I’ll just tell how he and his Beverly affected me with the love and generous spirit that both of them showed so many close friends.

I can remember when I was going through a rather traumatic personal experience.  After I had delivered a newscast one night and was headed home, I was so blue I just had to do something. I stopped off, unannounced, at the Suhr’s. I told them I needed a diversion and suggested we watch some Laurel and Hardy shorts.  (This was before DVDs.)  John wasted no time in treading their projector and all three of us once again laughed out loud at the classic antics of those great movie comedians.  I left feeling much better. The Suhr cure always worked.

John had an infectious zest for life. He celebrated it every day, and loved to have friends celebrate it with him.

It would be dishonest to say we agreed about everything.  We were not on the same page politically, for instance. But, that didn’t matter. We agreed on so many other things: old movies, new movies, jazz, Frank Sinatra, Warner Brother’s cartoons – the one with the singing and dancing frog is my all-time favorite – good wine, and a lot more.

The one thing that we agreed on most: life is for living, and live full-out he did.

George Corradino Keeps Amateur Music Alive and Well in Columbus

December 6, 2008

   If you want a good example of just how active a person pushing 80 can be, look no further than George Corradino. He teaches two classes at Troy State University’s Phenix City campus;  conducts the Bob Barr Community Band,  which rehearses just about every Monday night; leads the choir at St. Anne’s Catholic Church; plays for funerals and weddings: and leads the 17-piece Cavaliers Big Band.

George Corradino and the Cavaliers playing a luau dance at the Mr. and Mrs. Club, Columbus, GA

George Corradino and the Cavaliers playing a luau dance at the Mr. and Mrs. Club, Columbus, GA

  Just get a load of what he is doing this weekend. Tonight and tomorrow, he is leading the Cavaliers in a musical drama at Evangel Temple called “I’ll be Home for Christmas.” The band will provide the music of  World War Two  for the play.  It will be a nostaglic look at WW II and feature the music and famous radio shows of the 40’s. Having been eleven years old when the war started, I remember those days vividly, those war years Chistmases,  and plan to be at the Sunday evening performance.  Tonight’s performance is at 6, and the Sunday performances are at 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 pm.  

Evangel Temple)

"I'll be Home for Christmas" pamplet (Courtesy: Evangel Temple)

Then Monday, George will be interviewed at noon on WRBL and I’ll be on the 5:30 WTVM newscast to talk about Monday night’s Twentieth Anniversary Concert by the Bob Barr Community Band. On top of conducting the band, before that, he will direct the music at St. Anne’s for a mass.

  “You like to stay busy, don’t you,” I said to George.

  “I always have, Dick. And I just love doing what I do.”

  And what he does is provide a tremendous music service to this community. My hat’s off to him.

  Hope to see you at the Bob Barr Community Band Twenitheth Anniversary Benefit Concert at  7:30 p.m, at the Jordan High auditorum. Admission is $5 and the current band gets the proceeds. Since I emceed the very first concert in 1988, George asked me to do this one. I’m honored.