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Crazy Higher Education Values

October 15, 2012

It’s Monday and that means I need to post something to  live up to my promise to try to post something every Monday.  The thing that sticks most in my mind right now, because of a story in the Sunday Ledger-Enquirer, is the incredible fact that higher education in a lot of states, especially Georgia and Alabama, place much higher monetary value on football coaches than classroom teachers and even college presidents.

The highest paid coach in America, Nick Saban, who pulls down more than $5.3 million a year makes about 40 times more than the average full-time professor and about 70 times more than an associate professor at the University of Alabama.  He makes about ten times more than the college president. This is common with SEC teams, though maybe not as extreme as the Alabama example. While teacher salaries have been flat for the last few years, coaches have gotten huge raises. INSANE!

The most famous coach in Alabama’s history, Bear Bryant, insisted one year that he make one dollar less than the college president.  Oh, how times have changed.

Which is more valuable a degree from Harvard where football is an afterthought, or Alabama, where it is king?