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It’s Live. Most of It is Free. It’s Incredibly Outstanding.

March 5, 2010

Adam Kirkpatric, lyric tenor, and Russell Young, pianist, performing in Legacy Hall, Columbus, GA. Legacy Hall is a show in itself.

 As I listened to Adam Kirkpatric, a lyric tenor who teaches at Kennesaw State University,  singing some of the great arias in Legacy Hall at the River Center, thoughts of Pavorati,  Caruso, and Mario Lanza surfaced.  He was that good,  nailing the really high note at the end of “La donna e mobile” just like they did.  For a reminder, you can hear Mario Lanza hitting that note by going to this website.

I was disappointed with the size of the audience, but the event didn’t get a lot of promotion, and the Schwob School of Music has so many concerts and recitals that it’s understandable that they are not all going to attract big audiences.  The CSU Philharmonic and Wind Ensemble, along with the Jazz Band, seem to attract the largest audiences outside of the really big yearly program  in the Bill Heard Theater that features all departments of the School of Music.

But, for people who really like top flight “serious” music, it is wonderful to have the choices available for free admission that the Schwob offers.  I went to an incredibly impressive piano concert  recently that featured five students playing the music of Chopin and Schumann.  It was stunning to see and hear those young people conquering those highly complicated and demanding selections written by those great composers.

If you like live performances of some of the world’s greatest music, just check out the Schwob School of Music website for event listings and come on down and fill those empty seats. The pleasure will be two-fold: you will enjoy the music, and you’ll give the performers a boost, especially when you join everyone else in giving them a standing ovation at the end.  The faculty and students at Schwob are truly outstanding performers.