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A Legendary Columbus Journalist Leaves Us

August 4, 2013

I just read on my old friend  John Cornett’s Facebook post where former Columbus  Ledger-Enquirer reporter Connie  Johnson died.  John was an executive at the L-E and worked with Connie for a long time. My old sailing buddy and former Columbus  Councilor Jack Bassett tells me she died in an automobile accident in her home town in  Mississippi a week ago. She was 89 years old. Her late husband Carlton was an editor. Both were top-flight journalists. The word that comes to mind is integrity.

Connie and I covered a lot of stories together, she for the paper and I for WRBL-TV.  Naturally, I usually broke the story before  she did because of the immediacy  of TV news, but she would always do a much  longer comprehensive report that contained things I wished I had the time to report.

People like Connie and Carlton represented responsible journalism at its best.  Not only did I admire and respect them, I liked them a lot.