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August 5, 2010

While the Republican Primary runoff for governor has sucked up just about all of the media oxygen, the Democrats also have a runoff for a statewide office, Secretary of State.  Believing that voters should have some idea of who they are voting for, here is a brief comparison between Gail Buckner and Georganna Sinkfield. They are running for the Democratic Party nomination. Both are veterans of the Georgia legislature. Sinkfield has been in the legislature for 28 years, Buckner, almost 19 years.

Gail Buckner

Campaign issues:  Criticizing former Secretary of State Karen Handel, she said Handel “Mis-Handeled” the office when she was out campaigning for governor, letting the Deputy Secretary of State run the office, and that the office was “Mis-Handeled” again when Governor Perdue made a political appointment by putting inexperienced Brian Kemp in the office when Karen Handel resigned. 

She promises to add verifiable paper ballots to the electronic voting machines, will clamp down on identity theft and investment fraud,  will encourage new corporations, preserve state records, and work with other state agencies to encourage economic development.

Education: She has a Bachelor’s degree from Clayton State University

Profession: She’s a retired teacher, who owns a marketing company and is in the Georgia Senate

Political experience: She has the most name recognition because she ran for Secretary of State in 2006.  She was a state representative from 1991–2006

Military experience: She was not in the military.

Civic experience: She has two honorary life memberships in the Georgia PTA, is president of the Clayton County Boys and Girls Foundation Inc, and is a member of the League of Women Voters of Georgia.

Family: She’s married, has 3 children and 6 grandchildren.

Georganna Sinkfield

Campaign issues: She promises to guarantee open and fair elections, to end fraud and abuse, and to grow new businesses by cutting red tape.  She Twitters, I want to be your next Secretary of State. The right to vote must be protected, banks must be stable, starting a business should be a dream. Georgia deserves trusted, experienced and dedicated leadership. We deserve a Secretary of State who will be a voice for all Georgians.”

Education: She has a biology degree from Tennessee State University, and she attended Emory University School of Law

Profession: She has been in the Georgia House of Representatives since 1982. She’s also involved in real estate services

Political experience: She is the longest serving female State representative in the Georgia House for 28 years. She was the first female president of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus.

Military experience: None

Civic experience: She served on the Education Review Commission, the State Task Force on Homelessness, and the State Task Force Turning Points. She also served as a member of Preparing Our Youth for the 21st Century, and the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education. She was awarded the Drum Major for Justice Award and legislative awards from AARP, GCAPP and others.

Family status: She is married, has two children and five grandchildren

For more information, you can go to their websites: Georgana Sinkfield, Gail Buckner.

A Very Important Election that You Probably Know Nothing About

July 19, 2010

Bobby Baker, departing member of the Georgia Public Service Commisssion (Photo: courtesy, GPSC)

There is a very important election in the Georgia Primary tomorrow that most people don’t know about because it has received scant media attention.  It’s the race to fill the seat of Georgia Public Service  Commissioner Bobby Baker. Baker, who has the reputation of being the lone true consumer advocate on the commission, decided to hang it up after 18 years of fighting for the consumer, and often losing to the four other members of the Commission. 

A Public Service Commission member directly affects you and your pocketbook. The Commission sets rates for public utilities.  For instance, it decides whether or not Georgia Power gets to go up on what you pay. So it really matters who gets elected to the Commission. 

If you are voting in the Democratic Primary, you don’t have to feel guilty about knowing nothing about the candidates for the GPSC, because only one person, Keith Moffett, is running. But, in case you plan to vote tomorrow, I’ll tell you a little about him.  He is the Director for Internal Affairs for the City of Macon, as well as an adjunct professor in business administration at Macon College. He is for clean energy, energy efficiency, renewable energy options, and keeping rates low. 

It’s a little harder if you are voting in the Republican Primary since four folks are running.  Two of the candidates, Joey Brush, John Douglas, are state senators, one, Jeff May, is a state representative, and one, Tim Echols,  is a former campaign manager for Insurance Commissioner and gubernatorial candidate John Oxendine.  You can click their names to read about what they say about themselves on their websites.  Not unexpectedly, all claim to be conservative, and they say they realize that public utilities have to make a reasonable profit.  Some are  “drill baby drill” advocates and support drilling off Georgia’s coast.  You can read more about that by clicking this link to Creative Loafing

All right, I have done my duty. You now at least have the names of those running for a very important job because what the PSC does directly affects your pocketbook.


July 9, 2010


Karen Handel, Republican Primary Candidate for Governor

If the latest poll I just read is right, we could have women running for Georgia governor and lieutenant governor in the November General Election. The poll, which was taken Wednesday and Thursday of this week by SurveyUSA for 13WMAZ in Macon, and WXIA and V-103 in Atlanta, shows former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel gaining on front- runner Georgia Insurance Commissioner  John Oxendine.  If Handel gets into a runoff with Oxendine, and that appears likely, because, with the election only 11 days away, Oxendine is way short of winning without a runoff, and if she wins the runoff, she will be the Republican candidate for governor. 

Carol and DuBose Porter with their 4 sons

  And if Carol Porter wins the Democratic nomination – she is the front-runner and is running far ahead of Tricia Carpenter McCracken – she will be the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor.  (Full disclosure: Carol is my first cousin once removed.)  Carol is the wife of DuBose Porter, minority leader of the Georgia House and candidate for governor.  If the poll results are accurate and they stay that way for the next 11 days, Carol could be the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor and DuBose will not be the Democratic nominee for governor. The Poll shows former governor Roy Barnes winning the Democratic primary without a runoff. DuBose comes in third, after Attorney General Thurbert Baker, who is shown gaining on Barnes. Asked about the possibility that his wife could win and he could lose, he said he has been asked about that a lot, and he always answers that she will get his full support no matter how it turns out.  I don’t think we’ve ever had women running for governor and lieutenant governor in the same election in Georgia  before.  If both of them just get the female vote, they’ll win.  That’s right, according to the latest figures from the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, slightly more women than men are registered to vote in Georgia.