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The Education Solution: Charter Schools are Not the Magic Bullet

February 14, 2011

Despite the hue and cry for more local control to make establishing charter schools easier, there is also the admonition that they are not the solution to the education crisis.  The idea of allowing schools to be partially exempt from school board control so they can be innovative in improving instruction and student achievement outcomes is getting a lot of coin these days.  But, a study by Stanford University has found that charter schools are not better overall than traditional schools.

Based on the CREDO study, Multiple Choice: Charter School Performance in 16 States

  According to Wikipedia the research showed  that 17% of charter schools reported academic gains that were significantly better than traditional public schools; 46% showed no difference from public schools; and 37% were significantly worse than their traditional public school counterparts.  This based 70 percent of demographically matched charter schools in the United States.

Still, there are those who want more charter schools, and more magnate schools. Former Muscogee County School District board member Fife Whiteside has this to say about it:

Fife Whiteside

  “The school district has only two dedicated magnets, where all the children are there by choice, of the sort described in Waiting. [He is referring to the documentary Waiting for Superman.] These are Columbus High and Britt David. Both are extraordinarily successful and have traditionally had twice, or more, as many applications as seats. When I was on the school board I periodically reviewed school costs for these schools and they were never more expensive than others.

“Why not have more such schools, particularly a dedicated magnet middle school? The reason most often articulated, when I asked that question, was that it would be unfair to other schools, to take away the “other school’s good students.” The fear was that taking away the good students would hurt test scores in the other schools and make them look bad. I thought the parents owned the child not the school. The school is the resource for the benefit of the child and not the child the resource for the benefit of the school. The question should be what is best for the child, not for the staff of the school.

“Three other examples come to mind as well.

“The school district, with one exception, has always resisted charter school applications, sometimes at great expense. The publically articulated reason was that the charter proponents could not be trusted, had bad ideas, would fail, etc. Hard to understand in view of the performance in some of our regular schools. But the real reason is that the charter schools would pull students out of regular schools and pull away the state FTE earned money, I believe over $5000 per child, which is a loss to the school district. It is about keeping money to protect positions and salaries.”

Magnate and charter schools also bring up in the issue of two-track schools, an upper track for the better performing students and a lower track for the rest. Is that a good idea? Is it fair? We’ll look at that in a future Education Solution report.


The News is not Good for CSU President Mescon and Provost Levi

April 22, 2010

Right after I post the good news story about the great Columbus State University Schwob School of Music’s annual Kaleidoscope Concert,  I learn from Chuck Williams on the L-E website that the faculty has voted ‘no confidence” for President Tim Mescon and Provost Inessa Levi.

Chuck writes, “Mescon, who has been at the university 21 months, had 62 percent of the voting faculty express no confidence.

Levi, who has been at CSU for 10 months, had 77 percent of the voting faculty express no confidence.”

Out of 293 eligibile voters, 253 voted.

Since I am a graduate of CSU – it was Columbus College when I graduated – and I have a number of friends who are retired CSU professors, and I am a dedicated supporter of its music program, which is one of the best in the country, this is a little personal for me, as it is with a lot of Columbus folks.

The vote  cannot remove Mescon and Levi from office, only the University System Board of Regents can do that.  Chuck Leonard just reported on WTVM that Mescon’s contract is up for renewal and that he asked it not be renewed until the vote of confidence was taken.  The L-E  reports the board granted his request and didn’t renew the contract yesterday, which was the day scheduled for university president contract renewals.

Let’s hope this controversy is resolved quickly for the sake of a really fine school that is a great asset for Columbus.