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HOPE for Georgians Seeking Work?

December 7, 2011

Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark Butler

  There is a labor shortage in Georgia. Really. There is. But, what about the more than 9 percent unemployment rate?  Georgia has that, too.  You see, the problem is a lot of people could have good jobs if they had the skills in demand.  And if Georgia doesn’t get off the pot and start re-training workers for the skills in demand, the state will fall behind those that are doing that.  That was the picture painted by Georgia Labor Commissioner Mark  Butler, who spoke to the Rotary Club of Columbus today. One solution is to change the HOPE scholarship program to make tuition available  to Georgia laborers who need to retrain. He plans to try to get the Georgia Legislature to do just that.


October 20, 2011

It is just incredible that one simple redirection of federal funds could dramatically increase new jobs in America.  Lloyd Chapman, president of the American Small Business League,  said on CNBC today that the federal government, by law, is mandated to channel 23 percent of federal contracts to small businesses. He also said that small businesses create a hundred percent of net new jobs, but that most of the federal money is going to the Fortune 500 companies that have not increased the number of net new jobs in 30 years. 30 YEARS! No doubt they have shifted tons of jobs to China and other low-pay countries, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD  – sorry for the screaming capitalizations, but, if true, this is insane – start channeling that money to small businesses where the jobs are created.

He says the president’s jobs program simply is about cutting taxes, and that study after study by the nation’s Nobel Prize winning economists have shown that cutting taxes does not create new jobs.  If what he says is true,  it is immoral not to give small businesses the 23 percent of federal contracts they are supposed to be getting. In fact, the percentage should be greatly increased.

Why hasn’t this happened? The obvious answer is that the big corporations have the money to buy the government. It costs a fortune to win a congressional or presidential election. It  seems that BOUGHT GOVERNMENT is the reason we are in the economic mess we are in right now. BOUGHT GOVERNMENT is what we have. It has to change or things will simply go from bad to worse for America’s middle class. 

Bill Heard Chevrolet’s Failure is Another Blow for A Victum of Hurrican Ike

September 25, 2008

  A comment about my post on my personal memories about Bill Heard Chevrolet  so graphically and  poignantly illustrates the personal tragidies involved in the failure of a national firm like Bill Heard Chevrolet, that I decided to use it as a post. Not everyone who reads a post reads the comment section.

  It was sent by Thea Shannon of Houston, Texas.

 “As a 14 year employee at the Heard store in Houston TX, I read your blog with a smile. Yes, there were questionable practices, but it was our job in the accounting office to keep the dealership as above-board and legally correct  as possible. There were some fantastic people working here, people that cared about our customers and doing what was right.

” And we were given 20 minute to pack our stuff and get out. Here, 13 days after hurricane Ike, I have no power, no job, aging parents to care for, and a generator drinking $40+ in gas a day. This is not a good time, to say the least. Your blog helped take some of the bitterness off. Thank you for sharing.”

  When I get to feeling sorry for myself for some reason, I have to reflect on how insignificant my complaints are compared to what people like Thea are going through.