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Do I Have a Deal for You! Join me at the Friends Bookstore 2 – 4 p.m. Tomorrow, Thursday

July 20, 2011

Billy Crystal’s autobiography 700 Sundays is one of the funniest and moving books I have read in a long time. It is a gem. I laughed out loud a number of times. I paid $3 for it in the Friends of Libraries Bookstore at the Columbus Public Library last Thursday.  I let Don and Carol Nahley read it and they loved it as much as I did.


But, you’ll have to be there before someone else buys it. I’m donating it back to the bookstore when I am working there tomorrow between 2 and 4 p.m. Now, if someone has already bought it when you get there, don’t worry, because there are a lot of fun books for you to buy at incredibly  low prices. And the money goes to helping the library, so you can feel about not only getting a good book, but for contributing to a good cause.

Be there or be square.


April 19, 2011

It looks as  though I will make it to my volunteer job at the Friends of Libraries Bookstore at the Columbus Public Library Thursday.  My hip and leg are pretty sore from the Saturday night fall in the Bill Heard Theater in the River Center; however, the x-rays showed no breaks, so I plan to be there between 2 and 4 p.m., and I hope you’ll drop by and buy a book.  Just don’t ask me to dance.

Chattahoochee Valley Libraries Honors Five “Volunteers of the Year”

June 10, 2010

By Jim Shehy, Volunteer Coordinator,
Chattahoochee Valley Libraries

Columbus, GA – (CVL news release) The Chattahoochee Valley Libraries have always appreciated their volunteers.  Men and women of all ages give their time and talent to the Library system in order to contribute to their community and assist in making the public Library a vital community resource.  For the past several years one very deserving and very dedicated volunteer is honored with the title “Volunteer of the Year.” 
On Monday, June 14, the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries will commemorate their previous five adult Volunteer of the Year honorees by installing tree dedication plaques in their honor.  Past recipients Paul Argue (2005), Carolyn Smoot (2006), Charles Batastini (2007), Frank and Donna Doyle (2008), and last year’s 2009 recipient Art Halouska will each be recognized with a commemorative inscription and tree dedicated to them along the Columbus Public Library Campus.
“Volunteers give so much to the Library System,” notes Jim Shehy, Volunteer Coordinator.  “They are extremely important men and woman; you can always count on our volunteers to have a smile and lend a hand whenever needed.  I don’t know what we would do without them!”
 All Library volunteers are recognized during National Volunteer Week each spring and the 2010 Volunteer of the Year honoree will be announced at the Libraries’ annual volunteer recognition luncheon held each fall.  Stop by the Columbus Public Library and see just one of the ways Chattahoochee Valley Libraries show their support and appreciation to their volunteers.
If you wish to become a volunteer or for additional information about the volunteer program at the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries, please contact Jim Shehy at the Columbus Public Library (706) 243-2674.

Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Georgia

Public Libraries and Hard Times

November 12, 2008


Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Georgis

Columbus Public Library, Columbus, Georgia

   Just about every business is affected by a recession, including bookstores. This affects libraries since people turn to them for free books and entertainment. It doesn’t cost anything to check out a book, VCR tape, audio cassette, movie DVD, or music CD, or use a computer at the library. And there are free events there: things like movies, lectures, book signings. That’s why, instead of cutting back on services, which is on the horizon, including Chattahoochee Valley Libraries libraries, they need to be expanded.   

    And if you love to collect books, you can buy them at the Muscogee County Friends of Libraries Store.  Prices run from 50 cents for paperbacks, to a dollar for recent hardback releases, to up to five dollars for hardbacks copyrighted this year.  All of the proceeds go to the Chattahoochee Valley Libraries.

  There is one way that we can help during this unfortunate situation. We can volunteer our time.  Libraries use a lot of volunteers.

 The Firends of Libraries Store at the Columbus Public Library needs more of them.  Being a member of Friends, I work in the store about four hours a month. I plan to more than double that.  In keeping with my full disclosure policy, I’ll tell you that I’m also on the Muscogee County Friends of Libraries Board of Directors.  

  Yes, I am biased when it comes to supporting public libraries. They are essential to the intellectual well being of any community.

Friends Can Really Make a Big Difference

September 24, 2008
Freinds of Libraries Annual Meeting, Columbus Public Library

Freinds of Libraries Annual Meeting, Columbus Public Library

   It’s always good to get together with Friends. Yes, the capital “f” was intentional, because I am talking about the Friends of Libraries. The non-profit Chattahoochee Valley Library System support group held its annual meeting last night at the the impressive new Columbus Library that it had a big hand in getting built.

  Last fiscal year (July 1, 2007 – June 30, 2008) Friends gave more than $50 thousand to the library system. The money was raised by donations, membership dues, and Library Store profits. The library store was the second largest contributor, raising more than $40 thousand by selling used books.

  I am one of the store’s volunteers, selling books every other Tuesday afternoon. It’s an enjoyable experience that doesn’t require me to think very much – well, once I finally learned how to operate the cash register.  It’s enjoyable because I get to meet a lot of book lovers of all types of friendly people. Maybe they are friendly because they like being in a book store, especially one that offers some almost new best sellers that can be bought for five dollars or less. A lot of the books are a dollar, and paperbacks go for half-a-dollar.  People also buy a lot of DVD’s and CD’s for fire sale prices.

  This tradition of support is a direct result of the work of Doris Halouska, who, as a president of the Columbus League of Women Voters, did a study back in 1988 and learned that Columbus was the only city of comparable size in Georgia that did not have a Friends group. She started lobbying to correct that situation, eventually making the case before the Library Board and the Muscogee County School Board. She said it was an easy sale, that Superintendent Braxton Nail signed on to the idea, but it did take a while for Freinds to become a reality, 1995, to be exact.

Doris Halouska, Friends Annual Meeting, Columbus Public Library

Doris Halouska, Friends Annual Meeting, Columbus Public Library

  Since then Freinds has been a motivating force in getting branch libraries built, switching from the old card catalogue system to computerization, and getting the beautiful new library built on Macon Road.  Our libraries are bright, warm, user-friendly places now, and they are definitely being used. Since Friends went into action the number of people using the libraries and checking out materials has increase exponentially.

  Just think of the wealth of information that libraries provide. The shelves are stacked with ideas that are available for free to anyone who seeks knowledge. But, it is more than that. It is a gathering place for lovers of literature, music and drama. You can even go see free movies at the Columbus Library.  

  A city’s public library is a barometer of a communty’s intellectual values, and its commitment to offering a decent lifestyle and opportunity for learning to all of its citizens. Columbus can be thankful for all who support it, including Friends.

  Full disclosure: I am now a member of the Friends of Libraries Board of Directors, elected last night, so I could be biased in my reporting on the subject. But, frankly I was biased toward supporting the library long before I ever joined Friends.

  By the way, I would like to encourage you to join. We have 229 members now and we can use a lot more. It’s quite reasonable, only $10 bucks a year. Come to the Library Book Store and pick up a membership form. We’d love to have you. And, if the buy something while you are there. well, that would be good, too.