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Barnes Rally in Columbus is Upbeat Despite Polls

October 27, 2010

Retired Columbus state Rep. Tom Buck III greets Gov. Barnes at Columbus Tech rally as Columbus attorney Ken Henson looks on.


  I was impressed with former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes appearance at Columbus Tech this afternoon.  Given the polls that show him losing to Nathan Deal by up to ten percent (the most recent poll, one taken for WSB-TV, shows the Deal lead down to 6 percent now)  and rigors of a statewide campaign at  his age, I expected him to look haggard. He looked, to me, better than when he first started running.  That’s good for him because he just might have to continue campaigning after Tuesday. There is a distinct chance that he and Nathan Deal will end up in a runoff,  thanks to Libertarian candidate John Monds.

During his Columbus rally he again presented his plans for creating  jobs, doing the things it takes to attract more industry to Georgia by improving

Columbus state Rep. Calvin Smyre introduces Gov. Barnes at Columbus Tech rally

education, transportation, and water problems, and his ideas sounded sound and plausible to me. But it appears those issues may not determine the outcome of the election.  According the Emory University Political Science professor Merle Black  his problem lies with the fact that white Georgia voters don’t like President Obama.  Polls show that only 24 percent of white Georgia voters approve of President Obama, and that the white approval rate for Barnes is 25 percent. Black says a statewide race cannot be won without a better showing than that among white voters.  Who knows, maybe he’ll win over some of those white voters by next Tuesday.   

Democratic Party candidate for governor Roy Barnes addresses supporters at Columbus Tech rally


Gubernatorial Candidate DuBose Porter says, “Public Education is at Stake in this Election”

May 4, 2010


DuBose Porter, Georgia House Minority Leader and Democratic Party Primary candidate for Governor

“What businesses want when they are thinking about relocating to Georgia are better schools, better transportation, and a better quality of life for their families, and they also want security.  All of those things have come down under these Republicans.”  That’s what Gubernatorial candidate DuBose Porter told Muscogee County Democrats Saturday. 

He said Georgia is “number one in percentage of prison population, and about number 50 in education.  You pay early or you pay later.”  He believes education is the answer to keeping prison populations low.  “Republicans see prisons as a growth industry as more privatized prisons are being built.”  Commenting on the money the private prison companies give to legislator’s campaigns, he said it is a form of subtle corruption. 

Columbus area Democrats Rep. Debbie Buckner, and Georgia House Minority Whip Rep. Carolyn Hughley, who work in the legislature with Rep. Porter, were on hand giving their support

He said Republicans cut spending on public education by $3 billion over the last eight years.  “Georgia is the only state furloughing teachers,” he said, adding,  ” Public education is at stake in this election.” 

He also said they cut the State Patrol budget by a third, and cut funds for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation,  

He is not happy with their transportation bill that does not do anything for rail, which is essential to solving the highway gridlock problem, nor with the water plan that favors Atlanta developers who are heavy contributors to campaign war chests.  He said Republicans want to let private developers build reservoirs instead of impounding more water in existing lakes. 

On the question of religion, he said he usually didn’t talk about that in a campaign, but after he heard a Republican stand up and say, “If you are a Democrat you cannot be a Christian, I decided that’s it. The gloves are coming off. I am a Christian.”  He went on to say that it’s not being a Christian not to care about all Georgians,  just the people that can pour big bucks into campaign funds.   He also said that it’s not being a Christian not to want everyone to have health care. “Just look at the tax hike on hospitals. Instead of improving health care for all, they want to tax the sick.” 

During the Q and A following his talk,  he was asked if the Democratic candidates are going to make the big mistake of the last gubernatorial election by savaging one another in the primary, giving ammunition to the Republican candidate. He said he did not think that would happen this time, though differences in the candidates will be pointed out. He did take the opportunity to call primary front runner former governor Roy Barnes the “apology” candidate.  

What about the charge that his wife Carol’s running for Lt. Governor is a gimmick?  He denied that, saying that after people heard her making speeches for him, and participating in forums, they decided she was quite intelligent, could certainly handle herself in a debate, and encouraged her to run for something.  “We don’t have a candidate for Lt. Governor, so she decided to run for that.” 

“What happens if she gets elected and you don’t?” 

“I’ve been asked that before.  If that happens she will have my full support.  We’ve been married for 26 years.” 

Porter is a Dublin, Georgia newspaper publisher, attorney, and Georgia House Minority Leader.  The Porters have four sons, all Univeristy of Georgia students.  (Disclosure: Carol is my 2nd cousin. Yes, in my view, she is quite bright, a savvy businesswoman, has a warm personality, and I am going to vote for her.)

Can Roy Barnes Win Back the Governorship?

June 4, 2009

Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes is giving it another shot.  He lost his reelection bid to Republican Sonny Purdue in 2002,  which resulted in Republicans also gaining control of the Georgia legislature.

 Most political pundits agree that he lost because of two things, angry teachers and his decision to change the Georgia flag.  Maybe the flag issue is dead because Governor Perdue didn’t get the old flag ,which prominently featured the Confederate battle flag, reinstated.  But, can he win over the teachers this time?  They didn’t like it when he moved to end tenure for newly hired teachers, his centralized approach to education,  ending social promotions, and his emphasis on testing, which many said made teachers “teach to the test.”

Perhaps all he will have to do is ask, “Well, teachers, are you any better off with Sonny Perdue in the governor’s office? What has he done for education in Georgia?  What has he done to education in Georgia?”

Barnes will have to get past some other strong contenders for the Democratic Party nomination, people like House Minority Leader Porter DuBose (my second cousin by marriage),  Attorney General Thurbert Baker,  and former Secretary of State, Lt. General, and Georgia Adjutant General David Poythress .  With Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine and Secretary of State Karen Handel running for governor, a good primary race is shaping up on the Republican side, too.  Anyone have any idea who the insurance industry will support?