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Education Cuts in 1932 and Now

June 7, 2010

While reading FDR, Jean Edward Smith’s remarkable biography of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I came across a statistic that made me reflect on the comparisons between 1932 and now.  Painting the picture of the critical state the nation was in when Roosevelt won in a landslide over Herbert Hoover,  there is a line that says “Georgia closed more than one thousand schools with a combined enrollment of 170,000.”

I don’t know how many schools have been closed in the state because of the current recession, but I heard that the Muscogee County School District, which is now facing an $18  million cut of state funds , has lost $90 million in state funds over the last 8 years, the 8 years of the Governor Sonny Perdue administration.

I think we are going to hear the word “education” quite a bit between now and the General Election in November.  Get ready for major spinning.